How do You Change Oil in a Car?

Need to know how you change oil in a car? Here you go: Step 1, buy the oil and filter recommended for your car in your owners manual. Step 2, raise car with jack or on car ramps, setting parking brake and blocking the rear wheels. Step 3, locate oil drain plug under the engine. Step 4, place bucket under plug, and remove plug, allowing oil to drain into bucket. Step 5, once oil has drained into bucket, replace drain plug, and locate oil filter (search entire engine compartment, usually towards the bottom of the engine.) Step 6, place bucket under filter, and remove filter. Once filter is off, clean area on engine where filter was. Get new filter, and lubricate rubber gasket with new oil….just use your finger, dip into new oil, and rub onto gasket. Install new filter. Step 7, find oil fill cap on top of engine (usually has a picture of an old fashioned oil can on cap), remove cap, install funnel, pour recommended amount (see owners manual again) of oil into engine. Step 8, replace cap, check oil level on dipstick. If level is full, take car off ramps/jack etc., and start engine. Let run for one minute, shut off and re check oil level. If low, add appropriate amount of oil. You’re done.