How do You Calculate Percentage?

Figuring out a percentage of something is easy when you are doing it out of 100. For example, if you a bowl with 100 pieces of fruit and of that you have 60 apples, 15 bananas, 10 oranges, 7 plums and 8 grapes, then the percentages are as follows. 60% apples, 15% bananas, 10% oranges, 7% plums, and 8% grapes. However they can get tougher in which you would take how many YOU have, and divide it by how many there are total, and get your percentage that way. For example, if you take a test and there are 84 possible points, and out of that you get 46 correct. 46 divided by 84 equals 0.5476 which would be the same as 55%. I hope this helps