How do You Braid Cornrows?

Cornrows are not an easy task and take a lot of determination.If you put your all into it you will get the results that you are looking for,Make sure that the person who’s hair you are doing has a nice length, the shorter the harder.Some things you might need are a,comb,brush,grease,gel and a spritz bottle with water in it.Comb the hair out and spray with water.Next you will need to part the hair in whatever style you desire.Whenever you make a part remember to grease the scalp so that it stays moist and not dry.Before starting to braid dab the edges with a little gel. Last but not least grab three parts of the hair from whatever part you made (this will usually be at the very beginning of the part) You will be doing a Cris Cross type motion bringing the three parts that you grabbed earlier in,out and under repeatedly until you make your way all the way to the bottom of the braid.And remember practice makes perfect. For more information see here: