How do People Celebrate Christmas in Spain?

Christmas is celebrated in Spain over the course of several days. Just like most parts of the world prior to the holiday you will see shops lit up with lights and holiday decorations. The holiday really begins on December 22 when the Spanish lottery is announced this is also the day that children are released from school to start their holiday break. On Christmas Eve a big decadent meal is enjoyed by everyone. The meal includes a drink called cava which is a spanish form of champagne. At midnight on Christmas Eve people may go to church for mass or go out to clubs to celebrate. On christmas day people spend time with their families exchanging gifts and eating a big meal although the meal is not as large as the one on Christmas eve. Papa Noel’s (santa) gifts are opened by children. Normal gift exchange usually waits until three kings day for exchange. December 28 is the Day of the Innocents, December 31 is New Years Eve and lastly January 6th is Three Kings Day. On Three Kings Day gifts brought by the 3 kings the children leave their shoes out the night before in hopes that the three kings will fill them with gifts.